The Affirmative Action Group was formed in 1994 out of frustration by the young black businessmen Hon Dr Philip Chiyangwa and Peter Pamire after the IBDC’s failure to influence swift changes for the economic environment to favour indigenous black business people. Unlike the IBDC, the AAG was radical in its approach and used more stridently nationalistic language.

AAG's Three Degrees of Freedom

(As Articulated by Hon Dr. P Chiyangwa on 27 April 2021)


If you don’t understand the political life of Zimbabwe then you will have problems in the AAG. As a businessperson, you need to belong to the right people, who have a correct political mindset. You must be clear with regards political affiliation.You can’t be a businessperson in Zimbabwe and try to work against the political tide which is Zanu-PF. You have to understand the history of Zimbabwe and you can only get the correct history when you are in Zanu-PF.


As a business person you should know the country’s history – who was Nehanda Nyakasikana, who was Chief Mapondera, who was Sekuru Kaguvi, who was King Lobengula, who was Mkwati and so on. Understand how our ancestors lived and how their lives relate to us today. Know the country’s culture, traditions and values because your business is going to operate in these communities. You have to be sensitive to the different cultures in the country.


Know the country’s laws as a businessperson. How the laws came about and how the laws guide and protect you as a businessperson. If the laws have to be changed, you have to know as a businessperson what needs to be changed and for what. You may recall it was the AAG through me that pushed for the removal of the last white Chief Justice in Zimbabwe

AAG Goes Global With Economic Empowerment...

AAG goes global with economic empowerment
The Affirmative Action Group (AAG) continues to break new ground as the AAG Founding President, Hon  Dr Phillip Chiyangwa has appointed new presidents who are going to represent the organisation in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.
All these presidents will be reporting to the AAG Worldwide president, Mike Chimombe, who is also the AAG president in Zimbabwe.The AAG, which has become the face of black economic empowerment in Zimbabwe, was formed in 1994 by Hon Dr Phillip Chiyangwa and Mr Peter Pamire. In a statement, Hon Dr Chiyangwa said he had appointed Lawson Mashiri as the AAG president for USA/Canada; Phibeon Matibura as the AAG president for Africa; Martin Matandirotya as the AAG president for UK/Europe and Michael Frankis as the AAG president for Australia/Canada.

“As the Founding President of AAG, I have appointed a vibrant and dynamic team that will take the AAG onto the global stage. These presidents from the different regions across the world will be reporting to the AAG Worldwide president Mike Chimombe. This is indeed an exciting phase that the AAG has entered into and soon many people will see that we mean serious business,” said Dr Chiyangwa.
Dr Chiyangwa said through the AAG, Zimbabweans in the diaspora will work closely with their counterparts based in Zimbabwe to come up with synergies that will see the empowerment of many indigenous entrepreneurs.








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