AAG-Australia/New Zealand

AAG-Australia/New Zealand

President - Australia/New Zealand

Mr Michael Frankis

Michael is a Finance Leader with over 10 years’ experience Including Tax Accounting, Financial Accounting and advisory, Corporate Planning, Reporting & Analysis and Financial Systems Implementation and out sourcing. Michael Is currently Based in Australia Brisbane where he is a co-founder and director of Agwick Investment international and leads the firm’s core business enabling functions across finance and operations, business services, technology and digital, people and partnership, sales and marketing, and transformation . Prior to moving to Australia from Zimbabwe. Michael was a share holder of Upriver Marketing Group where he continues to be a part of the team. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Business Studies from the University of EastLondon and A Masters of Professional Accounting from The University Of Sunshine Coast. Michael has a keen interests in education, and is working on projects to help aid the Zimbabwe education system by linking Zimbabwe schools to Australian schools and Donors.

Australia/ New Zealand Executive

Vice President-Martin Mlalazi

Martin is a Mortgages Specialist. With over 9 years’ experience in the Banking & Finance sector in Australia & New Zealand. Martin has managed varying portfolios with multiple Banking products not only in the residential mortgages space but also in small business & consumer finance. Martin has managed to create his own personal property portfolio in Australia & Zimbabwe. He is also active in the Zimbabwean Australian community; he provides financial advice & effective strategies for building a property portfolio

Secretary General -Ruwimbo Nyamambi

Ruvimbo Nyamambi s a seasoned construction project manager with over 8 years’ experience in the construction and engineering field. Ruvimbo is currently based in Sydney where he co-founded a successful technical professional cleaning company. Back in the motherland, Ruvimbo has been heavily invested in projects across Africa which include greenhouse farming, property development as well as private transport and logistics. Ruvimbo has an adept business acumen and is therefore continuously striving to multiply his sources of income.

Projects Executive-Vuyani Ncube

Vuyani is a dynamic and high achieving Banking Specialist with 9 years’ experience ranging from financial services, commercial cleaning services & real estate. With a knack for enterprise, Vuyani has interests in tech start-ups, farming and real estate in both Africa and abroad. Vuyani’s long-time dream and ambition is to help Zimbabwe become a technological hub and breadbasket for Africa and the world at large. He is detail-oriented, well-organized with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, having the ability to think laterally and formulate creative solutions

Public Relations-Tanaka Chirawu

Tanaka Chirawu is a highly motivated and driven healthcare professional with a passion in striving for providing high quality medical care to patients. Tanaka’s a academic accolades include Bachelor of biomedical science majoring in chemistry, Bachelor of health and medicine (honours) focusing on HIV research and Master of Medical radiations specialising in radiotherapy for cancer treatments. Currently working as a treatment unit leader for the top private radiotherapy company in Australia, Tanaka is committed to finding solutions that will advance the access to world leading medical treatments to Zimbabwe. Furthermore, Tanaka has a passion to explore the renewable energy sector that has the potential to enhance Zimbabwe’s economic standing in the region

Research and Development Executive-David Tafirenyika

Profession: Registered Mental Health Nurse I am still in a novice & I am interested in Mining mainly